As the UK’s leading independent
seafood company, Cumbrian Seafoods
is setting the standard for quality seafood

Our business is founded on top quality products that are ethically and responsibly sourced. The expertise, passion and commitment throughout our business that goes into meeting our daily orders for fresh product is also evident in the quality of our products, now available across all of the
major retailers.

Like most success stories, this hasn’t happened overnight and from small beginnings in the north of England, Cumbrian Seafoods has, over the years, grown into a £200m business. Without losing touch with the strengths of our local roots, we now source the best, freshest product we can globally. This approach has enabled us to be successful in supplying the UK’s major supermarket retailers, as well as leading wholesalers and food service companies.

Alongside the quality and value of our products we go about our business with passion, which includes never losing sight of our responsibility to the sea and the fish stocks we all depend upon. That’s why, long before sustainability was fashionable, our founder and owner Peter Vassallo was flying the flag for worldwide environmental care and vigorously promoting a responsible approach to sourcing.

His endeavours have encouraged us to become the first supplier in Europe to be certified by the Aquaculture Certification Council. We continue to enthusiastically promote the cause of safeguarding marine stocks for future generations.

Our values are important to us, not just because they brings quality fish to your table and provides our livelihoods, but because we care passionately that naturally sourced, fresh, top quality seafood should be available to you today...and tomorrow.

That’s Cumbrian Seafoods – passionate about fish.